Art of LCL Consolidation

D2D Logistics can handle the shipping of both general cargo as well as cargo that is classified under dangerous goods (volatile or hazardous materials such as flammable or toxic substances) as LCL Cargo ( Less than container loads ) as a MASTER CONSOLIDATION service provider for both IMPORTS & EXPORTS with the most economical price.

We support our global service partners in the process of securing, routing orders, bookings and nominations working closely with our clients and overseas partners together. We also supply accurate and timely data on cargo status and location tracking, so our clients can be reassured about the progress of their shipments at any time.

In addition to LCL services, we provide a Buyer’s & Seller’s Console program at a very cost-effective rate which greatly facilitates imports & export which need multiple suppliers to Single Buyer or Single Supplier to multiple buyers. Instead of several separate small shipments, we can consolidate cargo to utilize shipping containers to maximum capacity and reduce the costs of your transport operations. This allows for pre-sorting of shipped goods according to destination/origin and opens up distribution options through our deconsolidation program.

We are experienced in handling hazardous, volatile and fragile cargo, even with non-standard dimensions and transport demands, and we provide these services at a competitive rate, while also offering volume shipment discounts.

Through our consolidation services, our clients can benefit from reduced freight rate and packing costs, competitive insurance premiums and minimal risk of cargo pilferage. We strive to make logistics operations completely hassle-free for our clients by arranging the combining of cargo at point of origin and separation at the destination. This allows you to benefit from the economic benefits of consolidated shipping without the lengthy process of separating and sorting of goods upon arrival.

Through our expert LCL consolidation services we can handle inbound and outbound FAK shipments, with combination of goods at point of origin and separation of goods at destination. Shipments can be tracked online at any time, so you will always be aware of the location of your goods.