Calculation of CBM

CBM Calculator


Suppose you want to ship 50 cartons each carton size is 

Length: 40cm

Width:  30cm 

Height:  20cm 


1st STEP: 

Must know the formula to calculate CBM is as under

CBM = L x W x H 






2Nd Step:

Please be remember the L, W, H must be in Meter. If it’s not in meter need convert in the meter. In our example the L, W, H is in cm so according to international standard 1 Meter is equal to 100cm. so we need to divide by 100 to get result in Meter.

Length 40 cm = 40/100 = 0.40 M


Width 30 cm = 30/100 = 0.30 M


Height 20 cm = 20/100 = 0.20 M



TIP: If you have measurement in CM and need to convert it to Meter the easiest way to move 2 decimal places. 20 CM after moving 2 decimal it will become 0.20 M.


3rd Step: 
Now put values in the formula:


CBM = L x W x H

CBM = 0.40 x 0.30 X 0.20 = 0.024 CBM


So now your 1 Carton is equal to 0.024 CBM. It also means that your 1 carton will occupy 0.024 CBM space.

4th and Final Step:
If 1 carton will occupy 0.024 CBM the 50 cartons will occupy:


0.024 x 50 = 1.2CBM


That it, now you know that your total volume of shipment in Cubic Meter is 1.2 CBM.

Hope it will be helpful for you.