GD FilingCustom brokerage of Import & Export requires years of experience in the intricacies of global commerce, close attention to detail, and an understanding of changing regulations. That's why D2D Logistics seasoned management team is equipped to meet your critical delivery deadlines. From duty classifications and documentation to traffic and distribution, you can relax by knowing that D2D Logistics can handle all of the details – whether your cargo arrives by ocean, air, truck, or  rail into any port of Pakistan.

D2D Logistics offers both standard and specialty types of customs clearance, duty drawback programs and specialized documentation services. From filing a GD to organizing cargo delivery, our experts are available to answer your technical questions. Our professional staff is well versed in handling all types of commodities – from steel to food products, textiles and cosmetics to computer hardware. Specialized goods often require technical expertise.
D2D Logistics expertise in taking care of all necessary documentation and formalities will allow your company to avoid unnecessary delays and penalties. Because D2D Logistics attends to your needs in a professional manner you will save valuable time and reduce costs. Fast, reliable, personalized and accurate Customs Brokerage services are the characteristics of D2D Logistics.