“Hub” to have dry port soon

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KARACHI: Hub will have a dry port very soon as the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has accorded the establishment of 13th dry port in Pakistan; following a meeting of FBR Chairman Tariq Bajwa with the delegation of Lasbela Chamber of Commerce and Industry, led by its President Ismail Suttar, a statement said.


Suttar, while communicating to the media, said that the FBR chairman has also agreed that the inland revenue collected from taxpayers having their business premises at Lasbela District will be accounted for in the revenue generated in Balochistan, irrespective of its collection anywhere in the country and being reported by any methodology by the authorised banks, it said.


The FBR chairman has also agreed to provide total figures of the inland taxes generated from Hub and other parts of the Lasbela District, so that the government of Balochistan may assess the potential of tax generation in the area, enabling them to provide further infrastructure and incentives for industrial progress in the province.


FBR Member Inland Revenue (Operations) has been given the responsibility to provide the data of the revenue collection from Balochistan, Suttar said.


During the meeting, Iqbal Ismail, chairman of the Lasbela Chamber Taxation sub-committee, raised the issue of inordinate delay in the issuance of sales tax refund cheques even after the issuance of Refund Payment Orders (RPOs).


Bajwa agreed that the issuance of refund cheques were being delayed but he will try to reduce the time of the issuance of such cheques to a reasonable limit.


On the request of Suttar, Bajwa agreed, in principle, to establish the Customs Dry Port at Hub, which will certainly provide an incentive to the investors and the industries currently operating at Hub and other parts of Balochistan and would contribute to the economic progress of Balochistan and its people.


Member (Customs) FBR Muhammad Nisar is looking into this matter in order to ensure the early establishment of Dry Port at Hub.


Suttar thanked the FBR chairman for giving a patient hearing to the delegation and appreciated the professional approach and leadership skills of Bajwa and the efforts of his team at the FBR to steer the country out of the current economic crisis, in line with the policy of the present government. The Lasbela Chamber president also lauded the efforts of the FBR chairman for the uplift of Balochistan.

Source: The NEWS