Importers warned against filing false goods declarations

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KARACHI: Pakistan Customs has warned importers of legal proceedings in case of filing false and incorrect goods declaration through computerised clearance system, official sources said on Friday.


The officials said that the warning has been issued after detecting massive under-invoicing by importers availing of self-assessment facility in WeBOC – online clearance system – as they declare lower value to evade taxes. “This is causing huge revenue losses to the exchequer,” a Customs official said on the condition of anonymity.


A notice issued by the chief collector of the Customs Appraisement (South) reads that the Customs will investigate the issues of under-invoicing and initiate contravention proceedings under the relevant provisions of law.


“Suitable action will be taken against the defaulting importers making incorrect / false declarations,” it added.


The prevailing laws have made it mandatory for all the importers / clearing agents for filing declaration of goods, correct particulars of goods and provide commercial invoices. On the basis of these documents the importers / clearing agents self assesses the values and pay liabilities. The Customs authorities detected that some importers, while filing their goods declarations in the computerised system and making self-assessment of goods deliberately declare lesser value to evade duty and taxes.


The Customs officials said that importers are twisting the description of goods in a way to classify the goods under incorrect Harmonised System (HS) Codes of Pakistan Customs Tariff to avoid application of valuation ruling. They said that the importers also manipulate unit of measurement against the quantity to hoodwink the assessing Customs officers. Similarly, the importers were allegedly found in claiming undue exemptions under various statutory regulatory orders (SROs), another Customs official said.


The official notice issued by the Collector Appraisement (South) also detected that some importers are availing of ‘green channel’ facility in WeBOC by not placing invoices and packing list in the containers to evade duty and taxes.

Source: The NEWS

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