India wants resumption of trade talks


KARACHI: India wants resumption of trade talks on the basis of the roadmap agreed in September 2012 between Delhi and Islamabad, Dr T C A Raghavan, high commissioner of India, said.


At a meeting with members of the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) on Wednesday, Raghavan said, “September 2012 roadmap should be the starting point for talks.”


It is time to normalise trade relations between the two countries, he said, adding: “We are amidst of paradigm shift,” he added.


Raghavan said that there are misconceptions about water issues, as the two countries had already signed the Indus water treaty. “Most of the times, the water issue was portrayed in a wrong way,” he added.


About the visa restrictions, he asked the business community to send their suggestions. He; however, said that the businessmen should mention the travel points, while applying for visa.


Regarding bank branches, Raghavan said that the development on September 12, 2012 roadmap will help set up bank branches on reciprocal basis.


The Indian high commissioner said that there are positive changes in Pakistan-India over the last few years. “We have come a long way and substantial changes are visible in trade volume,” he added.


He said that though India is taking advantage in overall trade but it wanted that Pakistani exports should also grow.


Abdullah Zaki, president of the KCCI, said that September 2012 roadmap was a major breakthrough between the two countries. He suggested that India should relax visa restrictions and non-tariff barriers to boost bilateral trade.


Siraj Kassem Teli, businessmen leader and former president of the KCCI, said that there is a long way to go for normalising relations between the two countries.


He said that business interaction between the two countries will keep the peace process going. Trade around the world is concentrated on regional basis, he said, and suggested that the Saarc region should enhance its trade volume.


Once issues between India and Pakistan resolved then the bilateral trade volume would grow rapidly, he added.

Source: The NEWS