Manual filing of income tax returns

KARACHI: Tax practitioners have demanded the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) to allow manual filing of the income tax returns, as the web-portal for e-filing is malfunctioned.


In a letter sent to the FBR chairman, the Karachi Tax Bar Association (KTBA) said that its members are facing issues in filing returns electronically due to slow functioning of the web portal, frequent disappearance of data fed on the return / wealth forms at the e-web portal and sudden logout from the portal during the process of feeding data on the return forms.


In the letter, Haider Ali Patel, president of the KTBA, said that the association had already informed about the malfunctioning of the return software at the e-web portal, which was seriously hampering the process of filing returns / wealth statements and is creating severe inconvenience to the members.


The KTBA said that the number of tax returns received by the three Regional Tax Offices (RTOs) in total aggregate is approximately 35,000 only, which in itself speaks about the problem.


The association urged the FBR to immediately allow filing of manually filled tax returns for the tax year 2013, as otherwise the filing of returns appears to be impossible.


In another communication, the KTBA requested the RTO Karachi to allow extension in pending proceedings of audit and monitoring beyond December 5.

Source: The NEWS