Pakistan became exporter of solar panels

KARACHI: Pakistan has now joined the list of solar panel exporting countries, the News learnt on Monday.


Talking to the News, Pervaiz Lodhie of Shaan Technologies explained how his company was a pioneer in this business. He said that they had started manufacturing solar panels in Karachi two years back and were exporting high quality solar panels to USA.


“We are also tapping regional markets and we are hopeful that sooner our panels would start going to Afghanistan,” Lodhie said.


He said that China had flooded the market with low cost and low quality solar panels, which had the tough competition.


“So far, we are catering to the made-to-order custom voltage demand and about half a million dollar worth of products are exported to US a year,” Lodhie said. To a question, he said that Pakistan itself was the biggest market for solar panels and the authorities must harness this precious resource to meet its energy demands.


“Small scale solar farms should be set up in different localities and cottage industrial zones. So that, the energy so generated could be transferred into the grids, which will save additional costs,” Lodhie said. He said that solar panels were not that expensive anymore, adding that though the upfront cost was high but it was economical in the long run. “Only converting the lighting and fans on solar power can reduce a household’s electricity by 25 percent,” Lodhie informed.


Talking about the alternate energy, Lodhie said that Pakistan was not quite suitable for wind energy, which was the reason that the wind energy could not meet a success.


“Pakistan is ideal for harnessing solar energy. With the installation of small solar farms, Pakistan can generate over 10,000 megawatts in less than three years,” Lodhie observed.


Speaking of health hazards associated with the fluorescent lights and energy savers, he said that a number of countries were discouraging such lights and energy savers because of their harmful impact on health.


“LED lighting is the solution for efficient lighting and this should be promoted in the country,” Lodhie concluded.