Port Handling on 5th Nov, 2013

Port Qasim Activities: D2D Logistics

The Karachi Port Trust and Port Qasim handled a cargo volume of 176,090 tons during the last 24 hours that included 110,903 tons of imports and 65,187 tons of exports, the two ports reported on Tuesday.


Accordingly, the Karachi Port handled imports, including containerised cargo (21,022 tons), DAP (16,584 tons), coal (780 tons), bulk cargo (8,144 tons) seeds (4,938 tons) and oil / liquid cargo (4,337 tons). It handled exports, including containerised cargo (28,302 tons), bulk cargo (180 tons), cement (4,846 tons), loose bulk cement (4,640 tons) and oil and liquid cargo (19,869 tons).


Port Qasim handled imports, including furnace oil (37,121 tons), wheat (2,210 tons), urea (3,272 tons) and containerised cargo (12,495 tons). It exported containerised cargo (7,350 tons).


Berth occupancy was measured at 35 percent at the port on Monday, the Port Qasim Authority reported.