Port Qasim handles 39,159 tons of cargo

Port Qasim handled a cargo volume of 39,159 tons during the last 24 hours that included 33,027 tons of imports and 6,132 tons of exports, the Port Qasim Authority reported on Monday.


Accordingly, the port handled imports, including containerised cargo (9,156 tons), wheat (8,323 tons) and chemicals (15,548 tons). It handled exports, including containerised cargo (6,132 tons).


Berth occupancy was measured at 45 percent at the port on Monday, the Port Qasim Authority said.It said that it moored three ships during the last 24 hours, which were carrying containers, cement and chemicals.


With this, a total of five ships loaded and offloaded cement, containers, wheat and chemicals. Those five ships were Maersk Checago, Aoyama, Ikan Salmon, Aviona, and As Ophella, it said.Besides, another seven ships, carrying wheat, chemicals, furnace oil, edible oil and containers, are currently parked at the outer anchorage of the port.


Those seven ships were Beacon Sin, Panagia Stenion, Liquid Success, Karachi, Inlako Brave, Batissa, and Nysted Maersk, it said.

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