Price of potato down to Rs35


The price of potatoes has declined by Rs5 to Rs10 per kilogram in the wholesale market to Rs30 to Rs35 per kilogram, as the supply of the vegetable continued to increase in the markets from farms of Punjab, a market source said on Wednesday.


“The increase in supply of potatoes to the wholesale and retail markets from farms located in Punjab caused decline in the commodity price,” Haji Shahjahan Shaikh, president of the Karachi Wholesale Market of Vegetables and Fruits, said.


He said that the issues in supply that the markets were facing at the beginning have been resolved. The situation helped traders reduce the commodity price. “The new crop of potatoes is arriving in the markets for the last almost one month.”


In the last one month, the price of the commodity has declined by around Rs35 to Rs40 per kilogram in the wholesale market.


Earlier, it was being sold at or above Rs100 per kilogram in the retail market around three to four weeks ago due to supply issues,” he said. “The price of the vegetable is likely to remain stable at or around the current level in the next three to four weeks,” he said.

Source: The NEWS

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