RTO Karachi expects 46,000 NTN holders to file returns

KARACHI: Regional Tax Office (RTO-I) Karachi is expecting about 46,000 National Tax Number (NTN) holders, who are non-filers of income tax returns, to be brought back into the tax net under the ongoing PM incentive scheme.


“In the ongoing campaign the tax office has initiated a facilitation drive to encourage those taxpayers who obtained NTNs but are not filing their returns,” said Muhammad Irshad, Chief Commissioner Inland Revenue, RTO-I.


At present, the office has issued 80,000 NTNs but only 34,000 taxpayers filed their income tax returns for Tax Year 2013. Earlier this fiscal year the FBR launched a drive to ensure all citizens with an NTN (approximately 3.5 million people) should file their returns. However, the FBR failed to achieve its desired results.


In late November 2013, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif announced an incentive package for non-filers of income tax returns. Under the scheme people who availed the scheme by February 28, 2014 would be exempt from any penalty, default surcharge and audit for the years they failed to file their returns.


RTO-I Chief Commissioner said that the government had granted maximum relief to non-filers and after the deadline the tax authorities would not give further relief and provisions of law to be invoked regarding fines and penalties. “The office has gathered information of all National Tax Number holders and after the deadline prompt action will be taken,” he added.


The chief commissioner also said that the people availing the benefits of sales tax registration were also not filing their income tax returns. The sales tax registered persons with the RTO-I are about 9,950, out of which about 7,824 are filing their income tax returns and 2,126 are non-filers. “It is also a chance for sales tax registered persons to file returns otherwise their registration will be suspended,” Muhammad Irshad said.


To speed up the drive, the regional tax office distributed broachers of the scheme for taxpayers.


The chief commissioner also held meetings with the Income Tax Bar Association and various trade bodies to inform taxpayers about the benefits of the tax incentive scheme.


The RTO also established a facilitation desk under the supervision of Abdul Qadir Shaikh, deputy commissioner at the Income Tax House to promote, facilitate and create awareness amongst the non-filers to avail the scheme. Further, the RTO also established facilitation kiosks in various areas of the city, including Dolmen Mall, Park Towers, Clifton and North Nazimabad.

Source: The NEWS