Russia Bans Import of Agri Products From Pakistan

Agri Products

Russian Government has ordered to ban import of agricultural products from Pakistan with immediate effect. This ban will be valid for indefinite period. This information is shared from fruits & vegetables exporters. Central board of "National Food Security and research" wrote a letter to Govt. of Russia through counselor in Mosco to allow for the export of agricultural products from Pakistan to Russia but "Federal Services for Viternary and Phytocentry servilence" of Russia refused to allow for it. They repplied that Pakistani Agricultural products are High Risk for Agricultural diseases. As per notification from Russian government, Pakistan violated Qurantine rules which may resulted to give birth to some agricultural diseases in Russia". 

According to former chairman of "All Pakistan  Fruits and Vegetables Exporters", Pakistan exported Oranges and Potatoes worth $ 150 – $170 million during last year and if this ban remained, it will result a loss of such important market in next year. Russian government demanded to provide the complete procedure acquired during export of agri products from pakistan and informed that ban will remained till the satisfaction of Russian authorities that Pakistan is serious about the export of Quality products with proper inspection & certifications like Qurantine certificates. 

As a result Federal Ministry of "National Food Security & Research" invited agri experts from Russia to help them. In this regard a meeting is called on Thursday to observe the activities performed so for.