Under-invoicing cases to be processed under money laundering laws

under-invoicing cases to be processed under money laundering laws

KARACHI: The Directorate of Post Clearance Audit (PCA) has initiated scrutiny and analysis of last five year data comprising FIRs lodged for under-invoicing, mis-declaration and over-invoicing, Order-in-Originals and Contravention Reports served on importers and traders. The cases of under-invoicing, mis-declaration and over-invoicing would now be processed under Anti-Money Laundering Act also. First case has been […]

Documents Required for Weboc Registration

As per updated rules from Govt. of Pakistan; for all imports and exports activities all foreign payment transaction must be made through Web Bases One Custom Account (WeBOC -ID)  registered firm/company Bank Account and without this condition commercial import export and personal goods other than the un-accopained will not be allowed for the custom clearing in Pakistan without Eletronic […]