Tomato import resumes from India with trim of Rs.300 per 22kgs

Tomato Import

LAHORE: The import of tomato and other vegetables through Wagah border has resumed once again, helping trim down wholesale rates by Rs300 per 22 kilogram crate.


According to custom officials at Wagah border, almost 35 trucks carrying tomato entered Pakistan on Tuesday after clearance. They pointed out that the supply was stuck at the Indian side due to Diwali holidays.


However, on Tuesday, work kicked off on the Indian side of the border to ensure that massive trade consignments, mainly comprising perishable items, were cleared for entrance inside Pakistan. The delay in supply of perishable items increased the rates of tomato in Pakistan and onion in India.


India has been facing an acute shortage of onion this season as monsoon rains destroyed their domestic crop. To meet demands, India has been relying on imported onion from Egypt, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. On Tuesday, Indian imported tomato was sold in the wholesale market between the ranges of Rs 2,150 to Rs2,200 per 22 kilogram crate each against previous rates of Rs2,500 to 2,600 per crate.


At present, the retail price of tomato in Lahore and adjacent districts ranges between Rs160 to Rs200 per kilogram. The pirce is expected to come down after resumption of supplies from India in the coming week.


Vegetables importers of Lahore said the rates of tomatoes pushed upwards after hoarding and an artificial shortage was created which pushed the rates to new a high.


However, they believed that this hike was temporary and local supply of tomato would start from Sindh and Sawar crops during the next two weeks. “The rates are expected to come back down as the local crops hit the market,” said the importer, adding that it is possible for the price to dip, somewhere between the rangers of Rs50-Rs55.

Source: The NEWS