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KARACHI: Prices of a majority of vegetables have increased significantly in Karachi and other parts of Sindh due to ongoing heavy rainfall and floods across the country.


“The ongoing heavy rainfall and floods has slowed down the supply of vegetables to wholesale and retail markets in Karachi and in other parts of Sindh,” said Haji Shah Jahan, president of New Sabzi Mandi Wholesale Market.


“Prices of majority of vegetables have doubled from their one month old price,” he said.


The pumpkin (lokey) is being sold at Rs40 to Rs50 per kilogram in wholesale market these days against Rs15-20 a kg a month ago; ridge gourd (turai) is available at Rs35-40 per kg against its one month old price of Rs15-20 per kg; wholesale price of cabbage (bund gobi) is Rs60 a kilogram as against Rs25-30 per kg previously; cauliflower (phool gobi) Rs50 per kg as against Rs25-30 per kg; bitter melon (karela) at Rs50 per kg against Rs25; okra (bhindi) Rs60-70 per kg compared with Rs30-40; and the wholesale price of cucumber (kheera) has shot to Rs60 per kilogram from Rs25 per kg, he said.


“The supply becomes slower due to off-season of vegetables during June-July every year in Sindh,” he said, “The downpour and floods made the situation of vegetable shortage more serious.”


Abdul Majeed, a Karachi based vegetable vendor, said that the price of such vegetables in retail market was Rs10 to 15 per kilogram higher than their wholesale price in the city.


He added that a bunch of coriander and mint was available at Rs10 each in retail against Rs5 a few days ago.


He said that vegetables supply usually becomes slower to markets between June and September.


He said that there were reports that the vegetable prices had risen in Karachi after Punjab – facing record rainfall and floods – started buying vegetables from Sindh growers. “Punjab is buying vegetables from Sindh after standing crops of vegetables in the province were flooded,” he said, citing the market reports.


Shah Jahan, however, denied Punjab buying vegetables from Sindh. He said that Punjab was still using local vegetables. Moreover, it is buying vegetables from its surrounding areas like Islamabad and Rawalpindi.”


He further said that the onion and tomato prices had plunged after improvement of their supply. The onion was being sold at Rs50 per kilogram in wholesale in the first 10 days of August due to Ramazan and Eid. However, its price came down to Rs20-30 per kilogram nowadays.


Similarly, the tomato price has shot to Rs120 per kilogram during the first 10 days of August, while it is now available at Rs60-70. There was no change in the potato price since its supply remained stables during the last one month.


Saturday, August 24, 2013 

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Source: THE NEWS